AEG Power Tools – Advantages Over Other Brands

One of the major advantages of AEG power tools is their affordable prices. While they are not of high quality, they are very affordable. The brand also manufactures site equipment with the latest technologies. Hence, buying an AEG power tool will save you money and time. It also boasts a high reputation around the world. In addition, their products have gone through various verifications and tests. Therefore, it helps to make your work easy and quick.

The batteries of AEG power tools are interchangeable with Ridgid, Milwaukee, Atlas-Copco, and DeWalt. AEG power tools are reputable and have undergone continuous integration of relevant technologies. Unique characters and historical headways characterize them. The batteries in AEG power tools last for up to 1500 shots. The tool is available in various power outputs, including cordless and corded.

Atlas Copco purchased the AEG brand. The company then attempted to dominate the power tool industry. Although its tools had a similar design, the black ones were much more powerful than the blue ones. In addition, blue AEG angle grinders were a limited feature compared to these newer, more powerful AEG models. After several years, Atlas Copco decided to sell the power tools division to TTI, which bought Milwaukee. In the process, the brand continued to grow.

While AEG was originally located in Berlin, the company’s expansion in Germany led to the establishment a dedicated tool factory in Winnenden, near Stuttgart. Stuttgart was a hub of innovative technological development at the time. Here, leading automobile companies such as Porsche and Zeiss made their headquarters. It also spawned some power tool manufacturers, including AEG. So, in the end, the brand continues to grow and expand to this day.

The brand has grown to include over ten brands and more than twenty million units worldwide. Its trade tools are designed to cater to professionals. Their home worker kits are also available in the market. The main difference between the two brands is their price range. The homeworker kit features a lower wattage but the same components as the professional version. The brand also has a sleeker design and a Berlin blue finish. If you are in the market for a new power tool, consider buying an AEG power tool.

AEG was founded in 1883 in Berlin, Germany. It eventually ceased to exist as a company, and Electrolux took over its name. While the company began as an electrical engineering firm that produced electrical equipment, it later expanded into other industries such as automobile and locomotive parts. Among its products include power tools, drills, and AEG power tools. These are some of the most popular tools on the market. If you are looking for high-quality power tools and are unsure which one to choose, try searching online for reviews of AEG power tools. Then, you’ll be on your way to buying a new tool that you’ll love.

For professional users, AEG offers a wide range of drills for all types of projects. For example, the 12V compact rotary hammer drill is lightweight and delivers high impact energy. Unlike some other drills, it can fit anywhere. It also features a two-mode dial and an in-tool battery gauge. In addition, AEG power tools are designed to last for several years. As a result, AEG power tools are among today’s most affordable power tools.

Another company that produces quality tools is Techtronic Industries, which manufactures Ridgid and Milwaukee power tools. In addition to AEG power tools, this company also produces wet/dry vacuums under Dirt Devil and Dirt Hound brands. AEG power tools are also manufactured by Techtronic’s subsidiary, One World Technologies Inc. It employs 30,000 people around the world. So if you are a contractor looking for a high-quality, affordable power tool, consider purchasing an AEG tool.

It is also important to keep your power tools clean. Dust and other particles can reduce the tool’s durability. Dust and other particles should be cleaned from air vents and the tool’s casing. If there are stains, alcohol is a good choice for cleaning them. Also, avoid storing the power tools near damp places. The heat will cause the dust particles to harden, affecting the tool’s durability. The best way to maintain a power tool is to clean it regularly.

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