Steven and Andrew McWilliams, Louisiana-born and Texas-raised brothers, have played music together since they could wrap their hands around their dad’s guitar. Dwayne and Derron, industry veterans and musical elites, round out this four piece, Dallas-based band.

The Rusty Brothers released “Revival” in 2013, a record that beat down doors for the band. Momentum and attention from that record allowed the band to relentlessly tour across Texas. The Rusty Brothers press on the only way a true, touring band knows how: venue by venue, tune by tune and fan by fan.

In Summer 2014, The Rusty Brothers tune “The Devil” was featured in a nationwide, prime time Bridgestone Tires television commercial. The band decided to re-cut that song and send it to radio as their third official single on the Texas Music Chart. Fans can download that song for free at Noisetrade.

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