Things to Consider When Choosing Printers

The choice of a printer in Adelaide can be daunting, but there are some things to consider when choosing a device. Considering Multifunction devices, Colour printing performance, Noise level, and ease of use are all factors to consider. If you are a small business owner, then a company such as Mercury Printing can help you save money and get the job done right the first time. Mercury Printing has been in business for over 25 years, and they can offer you the services you need at a price you can afford.

printers AdelaideMultifunction devices

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get more than one type of printing done in your office, a multifunction device might be the answer. These printers can be purchased for about the same price as a standard desktop printer. Their capabilities vary, though. Some are designed for text-only use and are less powerful when printing photos. Others have both text and image capabilities and are the perfect choice for those who want to do a bit of everything.

While purchasing a multifunction device, it’s important to think about how it will be transported. The transporting process can be very difficult, particularly if the devices are fragile or breakable. The shipment will have to be packed carefully and crated with protective blanketing. Harris has implemented cost-saving initiatives in Western Australia and has reduced the protective blanketing used on the devices. Normally, four sheets of blanketing are used for packaging each printer.

Colour printing performance

One of the key considerations when looking for a colour printer at printers Adelaide is its performance. Even though every printer can print in different colour modes, more expensive ones aren’t necessarily the best choice. Before making your purchase, it’s a good idea to read customer reviews about the printers you are considering. In general, colour printers tend to produce better prints. To make the best purchase, consider the following factors:

High-quality ink will give the best results when printing text. For this purpose, a multifunction printer is recommended. It can print various documents, ads, pictures, graphics, and even writing on paper. These printers are perfect for smaller businesses, and they’re also cheaper than dedicated colour printers. However, if you’re thinking about buying one for your home or business, it’s good to research the model that will be most beneficial to your needs.

Noise level

Considering that the printing industry is such a noisy place, it’s important to know about the noise level of printers in Adelaide. Fortunately, the average noise level is relatively low, at 68 decibels. It is still high enough to be uncomfortable, but it’s far from dead. You may be able to hold a conversation while working, but you shouldn’t use a printer in a noisy area if you want to preserve your hearing.

Ease of use

When choosing a new printer, it’s important to consider ease of use, whether you’ll use it daily or for occasional needs. An A3 multifunction printer can handle printing, scanning, and copying tasks efficiently and affordably. Its maximum paper capacity is 1,450 sheets, and you can add an optional dual scan document feeder that can scan up to 94 images per minute. It would be best to choose a reliable brand, as some models can be difficult to use, while others will give you what you need, but at an affordable price.

Choosing a colour printer is crucial when choosing a printer in Adelaide. Even though nearly all of them allow you to print in different colour modes, the more advanced models will produce higher-quality prints. Check out reviews of different printers to find out how users rate the ease of use. Read customer testimonials to determine what others have said about particular printers before deciding.


When looking at the cost of printers Adelaide, consider the price of toner. It is the main consumable of office printers. Although a lower-cost printer may seem tempting at first, you may find that the toner will eventually run out, or your lease agreement may cost more than you thought. It is particularly the case with multifunction printers, as they can perform various functions, such as printing text, photos, graphics, and advertisements. This type of machine is especially useful for small businesses.

Which Baling Twine Is Right for Your Project?

If you’re starting a baling project, you probably want to use twine to bind the ends of your bale. However, which twine is right for the job? We’ll talk about sisal twine, synthetic twine, and Jute twine.

baling twineSisal twine

In baling hay, sisal twine is an excellent choice. The sisal fibres are strong and resistant to rodents and insects, and the twine is 100% biodegradable. The twine comes in several colours and is highly tensile and knot-resistant. Each bale contains about 10000′ of sisal twine. This natural twine is treated to prevent rot and mildew, and it is highly resistant to rodents and insects.

Each of these types from https://balingtwine.com.au/ has unique benefits and uses for your baling project, so be sure to read the information in this article.

Polypropylene and sisal twine are both biodegradable and suitable for baling. Both are biodegradable and available in a wide variety of weights and colours. While sisal has an advantage over polypropylene twine, polypropylene is more durable and stronger than sisal. Sisal twine has greater tensile strength than polypropylene, and it’s better suited for a variety of baling tasks.

Plastic and sisal twine have pros and cons but look no further than sisal if you’re a farmer looking for a green, environmentally friendly baling twine. Both materials have many advantages over synthetic twine, and solar-degradable twine will last a long time before decomposing. Purchasing twine for baling hay is a low-cost alternative to traditional baling is better than sacrificing quality for savings.

Besides being biodegradable, sisal is environmentally friendly. It’s safe to use as long as the moisture content of the forage is 45 to 55 percent. It could mould or spoil if it’s too dry, resulting in insufficient dry matter per bag. And in southern climates, wilting can be achieved in just a few hours. In addition, sisal twine that’s not treated will damage the plastic film in bales.

Synthetic twine

Big balers benefit from tough, UV-resistant polypropylene big baler twine. This twine also has added bulk for improved performance and handling. It is also easy on machinery parts and hands. CWC synthetic big baler twine is tough and easy on the hands. Synthetic twine also offers UV inhibitors, which reduce the risk of yellowing and fading. Synthetic big baler twine is available in various colours and weights to fit your needs.

The Global Synthetic Baling Twine Market report provides detailed market analysis, including the product’s value chain, competitive landscape, and regional and country-level market analysis. The report identifies market drivers and restraints and examines their impact on demand and supply. A strategic market growth analysis is included in the report to assist decision-makers in identifying future market opportunities. Overall, this market is expected to grow at a CAGR of xx% over the next five years, so identifying the best strategies and tactics is essential.

Plastic baling twine has a smooth texture and 130 lb. knot strength. It’s also available in a 9,000-foot roll, making it a versatile choice for baling jobs. A plastic twine is a great option for smaller square and round balers. This twine is also very durable and is suitable for a range of jobs. These twines are also recyclable.

Synthetic baling twine is made of 100% polypropylene. It’s durable and cheap, and it’s lightweight. Despite its low density, synthetic baling twine floats in the air. In addition to being inexpensive, it is strong and easy to knot. With its rising popularity, the Synthetic Baling Twine market will surpass Million of USD by 2026. Its share is forecasted to increase by 24% between 2021 and 2026.

Jute twine

You can buy an 84-lb. tensile strength jute twine made from corchorus plants. While you may not use jute twine for baling, you might use it for tying up plants in the garden. Its soft qualities are perfect for tying up plants and sectioning plots. It can also be used for hanging planters. You can also use it for the greenhouse cultivation of cucumbers, melons, and beans.

Jute is a great choice if you’re looking for a durable twine for baling. It’s 100% biodegradable, making it a great choice for industrial and agricultural uses. Plus, jute is an excellent packaging material as well. If you’re considering buying twine for baling, it’s important to know its kind before buying it.

AEG Power Tools – Advantages Over Other Brands

One of the major advantages of AEG power tools is their affordable prices. While they are not of high quality, they are very affordable. The brand also manufactures site equipment with the latest technologies. Hence, buying an AEG power tool will save you money and time. It also boasts a high reputation around the world. In addition, their products have gone through various verifications and tests. Therefore, it helps to make your work easy and quick.

The batteries of AEG power tools are interchangeable with Ridgid, Milwaukee, Atlas-Copco, and DeWalt. AEG power tools are reputable and have undergone continuous integration of relevant technologies. Unique characters and historical headways characterize them. The batteries in AEG power tools last for up to 1500 shots. The tool is available in various power outputs, including cordless and corded.

Atlas Copco purchased the AEG brand. The company then attempted to dominate the power tool industry. Although its tools had a similar design, the black ones were much more powerful than the blue ones. In addition, blue AEG angle grinders were a limited feature compared to these newer, more powerful AEG models. After several years, Atlas Copco decided to sell the power tools division to TTI, which bought Milwaukee. In the process, the brand continued to grow.

While AEG was originally located in Berlin, the company’s expansion in Germany led to the establishment a dedicated tool factory in Winnenden, near Stuttgart. Stuttgart was a hub of innovative technological development at the time. Here, leading automobile companies such as Porsche and Zeiss made their headquarters. It also spawned some power tool manufacturers, including AEG. So, in the end, the brand continues to grow and expand to this day.

The brand has grown to include over ten brands and more than twenty million units worldwide. Its trade tools are designed to cater to professionals. Their home worker kits are also available in the market. The main difference between the two brands is their price range. The homeworker kit features a lower wattage but the same components as the professional version. The brand also has a sleeker design and a Berlin blue finish. If you are in the market for a new power tool, consider buying an AEG power tool.

AEG was founded in 1883 in Berlin, Germany. It eventually ceased to exist as a company, and Electrolux took over its name. While the company began as an electrical engineering firm that produced electrical equipment, it later expanded into other industries such as automobile and locomotive parts. Among its products include power tools, drills, and AEG power tools. These are some of the most popular tools on the market. If you are looking for high-quality power tools and are unsure which one to choose, try searching online for reviews of AEG power tools. Then, you’ll be on your way to buying a new tool that you’ll love.

For professional users, AEG offers a wide range of drills for all types of projects. For example, the 12V compact rotary hammer drill is lightweight and delivers high impact energy. Unlike some other drills, it can fit anywhere. It also features a two-mode dial and an in-tool battery gauge. In addition, AEG power tools are designed to last for several years. As a result, AEG power tools are among today’s most affordable power tools.

Another company that produces quality tools is Techtronic Industries, which manufactures Ridgid and Milwaukee power tools. In addition to AEG power tools, this company also produces wet/dry vacuums under Dirt Devil and Dirt Hound brands. AEG power tools are also manufactured by Techtronic’s subsidiary, One World Technologies Inc. It employs 30,000 people around the world. So if you are a contractor looking for a high-quality, affordable power tool, consider purchasing an AEG tool.

It is also important to keep your power tools clean. Dust and other particles can reduce the tool’s durability. Dust and other particles should be cleaned from air vents and the tool’s casing. If there are stains, alcohol is a good choice for cleaning them. Also, avoid storing the power tools near damp places. The heat will cause the dust particles to harden, affecting the tool’s durability. The best way to maintain a power tool is to clean it regularly.

The Benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors Adelaide has many benefits. First, they are very easy to install and maintain. Then, they are great for customisation. Sliding doors add beauty and value to your home, but they also increase the amount of space. Since they don’t take up arc space, you won’t have to worry about how you will get out and in. Plus, sliding doors are easy to lock and unlatch, which means you can secure the door from outside. For more information about sliding doors, check out www.arborcrest.com.au/sliding-doors-adelaide/ now.

sliding doors Adelaide

Sliding doors Adelaide come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be made from wood, aluminium, or other metals. They can be stained or painted to match the rest of your home’s exterior colour scheme. Sliding glass doors are generally more expensive than standard double-hung doors, but the extra money is well worth it when you think about how they’ll improve your decor and make your entry and exit easier. Sliding glass doors are also easier to clean and maintain, and the smoother glide means that you can keep them looking nice for a long time.

Sliding doors allow you to enjoy an outdoor view year-round. Large glass panes provide refreshing indoor air, and panoramic views make outdoor spaces even more beautiful. You can even open the door to enjoy a beautiful sunset while enjoying your drink or meal outside! You’ll be glad you chose to install sliding doors in Adelaide. The benefits of sliding doors Adelaide are endless. Once you install them, you’ll have a beautiful new home and peace of mind.

If you want to save money on maintenance, it’s important to choose a brand that offers warranties. Sliding doors are very common, but some people have to spend time and money repairing them. Call SliderFIX for a quick, easy, and affordable solution if you’d rather skip this process altogether. With their 10-year warranty and a 10 per cent satisfaction guarantee, they’ll repair your sliding door without any hassles or headaches. For more information about sliding doors, check out www.arborcrest.com.au/sliding-doors-adelaide/ now.

When it comes to security, sliding doors Adelaide should be your top priority. Insecure windows and doors can be a source of burglary. Security is another factor to consider. With a good quality security system, the sliding door can withstand a break-in and help you protect your home from thieves. And with all of the benefits of sliding doors Adelaide, it’s hard to make the wrong choice. If you’re concerned about security, City Doors is the place to call.

If safety is a primary concern, you should consider frameless glass sliding doors. They feature tempered safety glass and are virtually unbreakable. They are manufactured with sophistication and can withstand pressure and varying temperatures. Plus, frameless glass doors add significant value to your home. Several different kinds of glass sliding doors are available, which will suit your home. Adelaide’s best sliding doors will enhance your home’s value.

Sliding doors Adelaide come in a variety of materials and prices. The choice of the sliding door will depend on your needs, your budget, and your preference. Once you’ve decided what type of sliding door you want, you need to find a supplier who will install it for you. After you have decided, you’ll need to contact a sliding doors Adelaide supplier who can install it. You won’t be sorry.

There are numerous sliding doors Adelaide manufacturers and distributors to choose from. You can order them online and receive them at a convenient time. Then, all you have to do is choose the right brand and type of door. If you’re still unsure, talk to friends or acquaintances for recommendations. And don’t forget to ask questions! After all, there’s nothing like getting the door you need! So, make sure to make the right choice before buying.

Choosing a Tree Stump Removal Service

If you have a dead tree or stump on your property, you should consider hiring professional tree stump removal Adelaide services. Depending on the stump’s size, it can cost a few dollars to hundreds. It would be best to keep in mind a few things when choosing a tree stump removal company. First, compare costs. Different companies will charge differently for their services, and some will even come to your home or rental property. For more information about tree stump removal Adelaide, check out https://stumpremovaladelaide.net.au now.

tree stump removal AdelaideEnsure to contact a tree stump removal Adelaide service dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of their services. They should be able to remove a stump safely while minimizing the risk of injury to homeowners or employees. Regardless of which company you choose, get free advice about the safest way to remove a stump. This advice may include safety issues related to chemicals and how to avoid hurting the tree by pulling on its stump.

Once the stump is removed, most tree removal companies in Adelaide will also perform ground grading and other services. The goal is to level the surface where the tree stump grew and prevent future root intrusion. In addition, this inspection ensures that the stump removal service is safe in areas with wet winters and moist climates. Lastly, you should ask if the stump removal company has insurance for its services.

After determining that tree stump removal is a good choice, you should determine whether you want to hire a professional. The right company should be licensed, insured, and bonded, and it should perform any necessary tests on your property before the job is completed. For example, ask the company you hire to run x-rays or subsidence tests. A tree stump removal Adelaide service will tell you whether they have the right tools and equipment to remove a tree stump safely.

The right company will provide you with a detailed quote, so you won’t be left wondering how much work the project will take. The team at Northern Tree Service will arrive at your home on time and use the best equipment to remove the tree. If you have any dangerous branches or need to beautify your garden, call the team at Northern Tree Service. The prices are competitive, too. Call Northern Tree Service today and get a free quote if you’re concerned about safety!

If you don’t get rid of the tree stump, it will likely grow back. In addition, a stump can attract vermin and pests. It is why hiring a tree stump removal service is so important. You’ll be glad you did. This service will ensure the tree remains a safe and sanitary space in your yard. If you don’t have a tree stump, you can still enjoy the benefits of a beautiful landscape without the hassle of trying to dig up a stump. For more information about tree stump removal Adelaide, check out https://stumpremovaladelaide.net.au now.

Another important benefit of tree stump removal is eliminating the potential for mould, pests, and decay. A neglected stump can spread fungi and diseases and attract undesirable insects. They can also be a breeding ground for dangerous pests that may threaten your home or surrounding plants. Once a tree stump becomes infested with insects and other pests, it is best to remove it immediately. If the tree stump is infested with critters, it can pose a serious health risk for you and your family.

There are a couple of options for tree stump removal in Adelaide. You can do it yourself, hire a company, or combine both. For smaller stumps, you can contact local home and garden centres. These specialists can help you get rid of the tree stump, but the cost of this service is usually higher than that of a DIY solution. You can also hire tree stump removal professionals to handle larger trees, but you should research the company in question and choose the best option for your needs. For more information about tree stump removal Adelaide, check out https://stumpremovaladelaide.net.au now.

Kitchen Designs for Commercial Purposes

There are many different kitchen designs available to you, and they can all be used for commercial purposes. However, it would be best to keep in mind certain things when choosing your kitchen design. First and foremost, consider the layout of your kitchen. If the space is small, you may use a smaller kitchen design. Secondly, you should take into account the size of the room. Remember that a large kitchen needs plenty of counter space. And finally, you should keep in mind how many people will use it at once.

kitchen designs Adelaide	Once you have a basic idea of your kitchen’s look from kitchen designs Adelaide, you should plot out your cabinetry and appliances. You should also take into account the size of the room. If you’re working with a small space, you should maximize the counter space. The same goes for appliances. The design should also take into account natural light and privacy. In addition to this, you should try to incorporate your favourite pieces of artwork and decor into your kitchen.

You should be clear about what you need and don’t want from your new kitchen. Once your floorplan is mapped out, you can start marking up walls and doors. It will ensure that the flow of the rooms is the most efficient. You can also consider adding lights and paint to make the space more aesthetically appealing. Then, you can choose the right type of cabinetry for your kitchen. If you are not sure, you can always consult a professional.

If you’re planning to redesign your kitchen, one of the first things you should consider is the practical layout. While this is a taste, you can also cue traditional designs. The classic triangle of appliances is an ideal example of a practical layout. The kitchen should be easy to cook in and maintain a clean and organized space. In addition, it would be best if you considered the distance between appliances so that you won’t have to hike around your kitchen to reach them.

Kitchen designs vary in their complexity. The layout of your kitchen will depend on the room’s size. A kitchen can be a very visual place, and you need to make sure you plan for the space. A layout should be easy to use and work well. The kitchen layout should be flexible so that you can move around in it. A floor plan should be the basis for a kitchen design. If you can make the floor plan adaptable to your needs, you’ll have a much better chance of making a space that’s suitable for your needs.

The kitchen is the most important part of the house, so you should make it as functional as possible. Its layout should be functional and practical, and the space should be well-lit. If you’re planning to remodel the kitchen, ensure that you have enough counter space. If you’re renovating the entire home, you should have plenty of room for storage. Aside from that, there are several other things you need to consider.

When choosing kitchen designs Adelaide, you should consider the size of the room. If you’re working on a large space, you should consider the size of your space. A small kitchen will not have as much space as a large one, so you should avoid placing large appliances in the area. A smaller kitchen will save you space and make working in the same area easier. If you’re designing a small room, you need to take into account the size of the room.

Once you have decided on the size of your kitchen, you need to decide on the layout. The layout will determine the number of appliances and countertops you will need, as well as their placement. You will also need to consider how much storage you’ll need. A kitchen with wide drawers is the best option for storage, regardless of how many people are in the household. Finally, the layout of your kitchen will help you organize your food. And it’s the best way to keep your food safe.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Website

Your web pages need to have an attractive layout that is pleasing to the eye. It will keep visitors engaged. When designing a website, always focus on the first impression. Your website should be highly responsive, user-friendly, and load quickly. A bad-looking or unusable website can immediately turn off potential customers. However, a decent-looking site keeps audiences on the page and improves lead conversion.

website design AdelaideA website’s overall look is another vital component of web design. The overall appearance will impact how a visitor reacts to the site. For instance, the first impression of a website is what will make them stay or leave. The design should be easy to navigate for new users and not complicated for those with disabilities. It should be easy to access no matter where the visitor is. It is why the look of a website is so important. Here are a few tips to help you create a great-looking webpage for your business:

Make your navigation easy to use. An easily-recognisable menu or well-labelled navigation bar can help visitors navigate your site. While it’s not important to use state-of-the-art typefaces, an easily-readable menu can keep your visitors interested and returning to your site for more. It would help if you always keep your target audience’s needs in mind when typography. A good web design is not just attractive; it should deliver the intended message to the audience.

Be sure that the design is consistent. Brand messaging and logos should be consistent across your website and other marketing materials. People should recognise your brand and products across all forms of communication. A poorly designed or outdated website will only serve to put them off and discourage them from buying. Furthermore, it will result in a negative association between your company and your product. It’s therefore imperative to stay on top of trends and keep your website updated.

Your website design Adelaide plays a critical role in your website’s usability. Statistics show that 86% of website visitors want to find contact information, product details, and business details. These are the essential elements of a website, and making them easy to find should be the goal of your web design. Otherwise, users will quickly move on to your competitors’ sites. Standard conventions should be used to help users find what they need. The right web design will not only improve usability but will also increase conversion.

Your website should be easy to navigate and easy to read. In addition to promoting your product, your website should also be easy to use. Your audience should find the information they need, regardless of whether they use a computer or a mobile device. When they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll leave. A website with an intuitive design will attract consumers and increase your chances of attracting new customers.

A truly effective website design Adelaide engages visitors right away, keeps them engaged throughout the entire page, and influences them to take action. Your site should be designed to encourage interaction and conversion and make it easy for users to contact you. While there are many benefits, interaction should never exceed the benefits. In other words, it should not be so difficult that visitors won’t feel compelled to complete a task. There are many ways to encourage visitors to convert and keep them interested.

The design is a vital part of your website. Your website should be easy to use and provide your audience with a positive experience. In addition, it should be easy to find information and navigate around. The right website should be easy to find and navigate. Your customers should be able to find what they’re looking for exactly. If your site is difficult to use, they’ll not return. They will most likely look for a different solution.

A good website design should be user friendly. It should make people want to engage and stay on the site for as long as possible. For instance, 86% of website visitors want to find information about the products or services they consider. By using standard conventions, you can help your visitors find the information they need in no time. A website that is accessible to navigate will also boost your business. It will also improve your website’s SEO, which will result in more sales.

How Long Do Infrared Sauna Blankets Stay Hot?

Buying an infrared sauna blanket is a smart decision, as they are safe and space-efficient. It is easy to store and fold after use, so it doesn’t take too much room. But the question that arises is how long does it stay hot? And how do they work? To find out, read on. Here are some tips to help you buy the right sauna blanket for your needs.

infrared sauna blanketThe best infrared sauna blankets are usually made of flexible, waterproof PVC. They feature dual heating zones digital controls and are easy to operate. Other sauna blankets can be a little tricky to use. The InLoveArts Far-Infrared Sauna Blanket emits 9-14 micrometres of far-infrared radiation. The sauna blanket also features an automatic shut-off function and two heating zones. In addition, this infrared sauna blanket has a memory function, which allows you to set the temperature the first time you use it.

Another great feature of an infrared sauna blanket is that it can detoxify your body within 10 minutes. In addition, its waterproof PVC material will keep it from getting damaged by sweat. A sauna blanket is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to detoxify your body. Its size is also convenient, with a length of 70 inches. Many models also have multiple layers for extra warmth.

The FIR model has three autonomous warming zones so that you can easily set the temperature for the lower, upper, and midsection. They are made of PU and sealed PVC, the best materials for sauna blankets. The temperature ranges from 104F to 185F. Aside from this, sauna blankets are cheaper than other types of saunas. It also allows you to use it anywhere you want.

Another important advantage of an infrared sauna blanket is its memory. It can be programmed to remember the settings you’ve made while you’re using it. It helps you to use the blanket without a hassle the next time. In addition, when using an infrared sauna blanket, you can experience health benefits that are hard to achieve with traditional methods. So you can get the most from your sauna sessions by purchasing an infrared sauna blanket and making them last for years.

A sauna blanket has many performance advantages, and it is a good investment for your health. Aside from being beneficial, an infrared sauna blanket can help you detox and lose weight. Aside from the safety aspect, this infrared sauna also has a memory function. It saves you from the trouble of recreating a session again if you want to. The heat from the blanket will not affect your skin, but it will give you the benefit of a better night’s sleep.


From Elk City to Corpus, from Odessa to Longview…. Six long weeks later, we’ve officially been to pretty much every corner Texas and Oklahoma to promote “The Devil (Revisited)” to country radio. It’s been a blast, and we’ve met a ton of cool folks along the way. We’re amazed at how willing people are to let us talk about our music.

Here’s a behind the scenes taste of how these visits go. This is “Walk With Me” at 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth, TX. It was a real pleasure to visit those guys. They, along with a ton of other stations, have had our back from day one.

If you dig the tune, just click here for a free download. All we ask is that you do your best to spread the word and share our music.

Besides the radio news, we’re super excited to play the Granada Theater again with Brandon Rhyder. It’s right around the corner on August 22. Click the image to the left (or above if you’re mobile) for a link to tickets.

This Friday we’ll be in Lubbock at The Office with Wes Nickson. On Saturday, we’re heading to the Lumberyard in Roscoe to hang out with our buddy Jamie Richards. Y’all check out Wes and Jamie when you can. We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with both of those fellas.

One thing we’re working on for you guys is a comprehensive list of stations that are playing our music. That way, if you are so inclined, you can pick up the phone and request our tunes.

Until then, keep it trashy, and if you’re a friend and fan in Dallas/Fort Worth, we’d certainly appreciate you helping us get the word out about August 22 at Granada Theater with Brandon Rhyder. You can do that by sharing this blog post.

Your Country Music Compadres,
The Rusty Brothers