Brass Door Handles

Although many people choose to use unlacquered Lo&Co Interiors brass handles for their homes, this material can also be a great choice for public buildings. Copper, the most prevalent metal in Brass Alloy, is antibacterial and has been shown to destroy germs and bacteria. Because of this, many people choose solid brass over other types of metal door handles. Luckily, there are many options to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at these choices.

Choosing solid Lo&Co Interiors brass handles is a great way to add a classic finishing touch to your home. You can find them in various finishes, including antique, polished, satin, and antique. These doors handle options can add a classic feel to your home without looking too dated. And if you have a modern or contemporary interior, you can choose from many styles of brass levers. You can even purchase sets of levers that will compliment your interior design.

You can easily restore them to their original shiny appearance with brass door handles. Just take a small amount of soap and apply it to the handles. It will remove any residues from the brass and allow them to dry. However, if you prefer a bright finish, you can also soak a cloth in white vinegar or pure lemon juice. You can then wipe the handle with the solution. You can also use warm water and dish soap to clean the handles.

If you want to give your doorknobs a classic finish, you should try a brass lever. They are a great choice for both traditional and contemporary homes. Because they are made of sturdy metal, they will last for many years and are extremely durable. And they are not only beautiful and stylish, but they also help with the appearance of a home. So, go ahead and add a few to your home. And don’t forget to update the door furniture with brass knobs.

Once you’ve finished cleaning your Lo&Co Interiors brass handles with soap and water, you can apply some white vinegar. It is a great option for a darker finish and can add an element of sophistication to your decor. A simple way to remove dirt and grime is to use a toothbrush and wipe the surface with a soft cloth. It will make the brass more resilient and prevent your door from rusting. And remember, this is a timeless choice for your home.

You can also choose a satin brass lever. It’s versatile and adaptable, making it a great choice for modern and traditional homes alike. There are many different styles to choose from. For example, you can choose between a knurled lever or a round rose. All of these have a bright finish and will enhance your decor. If you’re unsure which style to go with, you can always choose one that complements your interior’s colour scheme.