Building Inspector Job Description

A building inspector is a qualified individual employed either by a local government, a town or a county and is generally qualified in one or more areas to render an expert opinion on whether a certain structure meets current building code standards. In the United States, building inspectors are employed by the city of New York, the state of New Jersey, Virginia Beach, and Miami Beach, among others. They are individuals who hold professional licenses granted by the appropriate authorities, depending on the state where they are employed. The building inspector is primarily concerned with the safety of a structure built by that individual or a company.

building inspectorThe primary purpose of a building inspector is to ensure compliance with building codes. As part of their professional obligation, they inspect for defects and problems that may be a potential threat to human health and safety. For example, the building inspector would inspect and report on the general condition of a swimming pool that may pose a danger to children or adults using it. In addition, they inspect buildings for compliance with other applicable building codes like those applying to electrical systems. Similarly, when it comes to structural defects, the building inspector is responsible for pointing out the possible dangers posed by defective roofing materials or by other defects affecting the structural strength of a structure. They also inspect the foundation of a building for compliance with local building codes.

When inspecting a commercial building, you will find that the building inspector is responsible for inspecting all parts of the structure that may contribute to its overall strength, quality and safety. In residential buildings, the job description includes inspecting houses for compliance with sanitary and fire safety regulations. In addition to that, they are responsible for ensuring compliance with zoning laws and regulations regarding architectural style and design and pest control. As part of the building inspector’s duties, they also ensure that all building materials used in the process of construction are sound enough to resist any adverse weather conditions.

As mentioned earlier, building inspectors are considered to be part of the local government’s workforce. So it is because the basic role of this professional is to ensure compliance with building codes and safety regulations so that public safety can be guaranteed. Some building codes dictate what commercial and residential buildings can achieve based on their constructions.

The requirements for a building inspector job description do not only pertain to building inspections. They are also tasked to inspect facilities like power plants and sewers. Building Inspectors are usually required to undergo a training program as part of the requirement to obtain their license to work in the state of Texas. To perform their job properly, they must be knowledgeable about the basic principles of physics and the use of mechanical drafting programs. They should also have good interpersonal skills as well as a working knowledge about plumbing.