Different Types of Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are also known as swim trunks, short-sleeved or cargo shorts, usually worn for swimming, particularly swimming, long-distance, and even track and field. When used as a general term, “swimming shorts” is often used to describe any swimwear, including bikinis, speedos, and hipsters. The most common type of ortcclothing swim shorts is the basic tri-fold style. These are made of flowing material drapes over the body with a few horizontal lines and come in many colours, patterns, and materials. These are the most common swim shorts seen on the beach, pool, or shore.

Some other types of ortcclothing swim shorts are the so-called quick-dry boardshorts, designed to dry quickly between swims and made of a special blend of cotton and polypropylene. Quick-dry board shorts have elastic waistbands and a front drawstring to help relieve the stress of being in the water. In addition, velcro or elastic bands are sewn into the legs at the knee, allowing the wearer to adjust the length of the shorts as needed. Other varieties of board shorts are made with nylon and are called surf shorts. Surf shorts are generally lighter nylon than regular shorts but are extremely waterproof and ideal for swimming in the ocean or along the beaches.

Jumper Jean shorts are an alternative to regular swim shorts. These are usually worn by men who are not trying to expose their butt but need coverage for their legs and thighs. Jumper Jean shorts often come in a zip-up design, but many come in a button-down style. Both males and females often wear these shorts. Capri shorts are similar in appearance to jumper Jean shorts; they too come in various colours and patterns but are worn mostly by women.

Built-in boardshorts are a type of swim shorts with an added built-in piece of panty attached to the shorts. Like classic swim shorts, built-in board shorts have elasticized waistbands and a front drawstring to help relieve the stress of being in the water. However, unlike standard shorts, built-in boardshorts have either a mesh or cotton/spandex combination material on the top of the shorts. These shorts can be worn with or without a shirt and can be used as loungewear as well.

Bikini type ortcclothing swim shorts are great for those who want to look sexy while swimming. Swimsuits made from mesh and spandex materials have a cute, relaxed look. This type of swimwear is great for beachgoers, bodybuilders, and those who want to look their best while hitting the beach, pool, or neighbourhood pool. Other types of bikinis include tankini swimsuits and bikini cut swimsuits. Bikini type swim shorts also come in various styles, colours, and designs, including halter, club, and string styles.

For those who are a little more daring, thong or g-string swim shorts are available for purchase. These ortcclothing swim shorts have elasticized waistbands and have drawstrings at the sides to help keep the swimsuit in place. A thong will allow you to move freely when in the water, unlike traditional swim shorts that can constrict or cling to your body.