Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Mowing Tips

A lawn should be mowed every two to three weeks, but when is the right time to mow it? There is no specific time, but most lawns require weekly mowing from late spring to early summer. During these months, don’t mow the lawn too short because this will reduce healthy root growth and require more watering. Instead, mow the lawn three inches (8 cm) high during the summer months to achieve deep healthy roots.

lawn mowing AdelaideWhen you mow your lawn, mow it in a back-and-forth motion. It will ensure even cutting of the grass. For an even cut, make half-lap passes; overlap the previous pass by half its width. It will ensure that the grass missed by the previous pass is cut. Mow your lawn as often as you have time. However, don’t mow your lawn too short or set the mower’s blade too low.

Overgrown lawns tend to create clumps, which choke new growth. To avoid this problem, use the highest setting possible when mowing. The clippings contain up to 15% of the fertilizer, and they have already taken up 10% of landfill space. Also, if you cut your lawn too short, you risk scalping the grass. Instead, mowing it at the correct angles will prevent scalping and promote healthy growth. It will also help prevent soil compaction.

The next rule to remember in lawn mowing Adelaide is to keep the blade from rubbing your foot. A well-mowed lawn is almost always more beautiful than a poorly-mowed one. Changing the height of the blade will make it look more appealing. But remember: never pull the mower towards you. Always use a tape measure to adjust the blade. Most mowers come with a height adjustment, so use the lowest setting to start if you don’t know that height.

If you don’t have a flat lawn, you can still cut alternating stripes. The only tricky part about this technique is mowing alternating stripes. If you’re using a standard riding mower, you’ll need a height adjustment to get a flat lawn. On the other hand, if you’re trying to create a lawn that looks like a baseball field, use the hardscape around your home as a guide to ensure you achieve the desired look.

You’ll need to mow your lawn a couple of times per week during the spring and summer. If you need help, go to If you mow your lawn more often during these times, you’ll get a healthier lawn. The same pattern is also true for cool-season grasses. Cool-season grasses grow more frequently, while warm-season ones grow more slowly. In these times, you can reduce the frequency of lawn mowing by increasing the height of the cut.

You should mow your lawn about two or three times a month in summer, while it’s too early for the neighbours to notice. Generally, the best time to mow a lawn is in the late afternoon or early evening, when the weather has cooled down. The sun isn’t as strong during this time, and the grass will be more prone to fungal infection. For autumn, you should mow your lawn once every two to three weeks.

The cost of lawn care services varies by region and state. In some areas, lawn mowing is less than the cost of lawn care. However, the cost of lawn maintenance services may be higher if you opt for organic or natural treatments. Moreover, the time taken to complete a single acre can be longer than the same amount for a smaller lawn. For this reason, you should carefully compare lawn care prices in your area.

The height of grass growth should also be considered when mowing the lawn. For example, if you are moving along a fence line, mow it at a 90-degree angle. Similarly, if you have a hardscape that consists of stones or other stones, mow it diagonally, at a 45-degree angle from the fence. If you’re moving along a fence line, you should mow at a 45-degree angle from the hardscape to cut the grass more evenly.