Clear Couture Teeth Aligners

ClearCorrect teeth aligners are the best teeth straightening technology available today. They are comfortable, convenient and affordable for most people. They work gradually to get your teeth straightened over a period. They are designed to mimic the natural movements of your teeth as they move, such as when you open or close your mouth. It reduces the pressure on your teeth and gums and minimizes the amount of time you have to wear aligners.

ClearCorrectIf you need dental treatment that is simple, comfortable, convenient and low cost, ClearCorrect teeth aligners are the way to go. Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect treatments are low-maintenance. The aligners break down gradually over time, allowing you to reduce the number of visits to your dental office. To find out more about ClearCorrect teeth aligners, schedule a consultation with a qualified dental professional.

People who need ClearCorrect teeth aligners may have orthodontic needs as well. To straighten your teeth without wearing braces, you will need braces for the support and comfort of the metal brace that keep the appliance in place. ClearCorrect treatments are more comfortable than metal braces because the clear aligners move with your teeth. It gives a more natural and less obvious appearance to your smile. Metal braces are harder to remove after they are installed, making them more costly over time.

ClearCorrect teeth aligners can be used for children as young as six years old, but younger children may experience uncomfortable metal braces. Adults can wear clear aligners, but like all dental devices, the strength of the aligner is limited by the strength of the teeth’s enamel. Teeth whitening toothpaste is available at most pharmacies and dental offices. It is important to follow instructions for use and recommended applications.

In getting the most benefit from using ClearCorrect teeth aligners, it is important to consult with an orthodontist or dentist before starting your treatment so that he or she can evaluate your mouth to determine what materials will be most beneficial to you. Clear aligners do not correct tooth decay or malocclusion but instead align your teeth for a more straight smile. If you want a more noticeable result, braces may be necessary to improve your smile further. Braces are most often used to correct misalignment, but some adults wear them for their overall good looks.

A reputable provider will provide you with a free initial consultation where he or she will explain the procedure and answer any questions you have. Most providers wear dental implants during your first visit, but they might wear bands or clear aligners later. Be sure to ask your provider if there are any restrictions on wearing braces after the first appointment. Some providers like require patients to stop smoking before the treatments to reduce the risk of complications and other problems such as tooth sensitivity.